Week 16 rating correction Groups 2 & 3

Hey everyone,

I got an email from Joe Romanosky and talked with Joseph Calugas about this weeks ratings. In ALL fairness we decided that NO OTHER PLAYER should be penalized if we underestimate a new player’s rating (or someone that has not attended our club in a long time and has become significantly better)

Here are the new results and how we have compensated for the situation…

New PSTTC rating guidelines have been updated at:


Quick Overview:

1 – If someone gets a 75 or 100 point adjustment AND wins 4 & 0 the other players will only lose the difference of their rating BEFORE league and the “4 & 0” winner’s rating AFTER league DIVIDED IN HALF. Example: loss is -50 so instead the loss is -25 .

2 – ALSO, we decided to put a -100 cap on how much you can lose in one night. This will prevent an unjust large reduction in points. (REMEMBER that if you lose the max -100 and you should not be that low, our new rating system will adjust you right back up the next week for winning 3 or 4 matches)

3 – Finally, we noticed situations where 3 & 0 winners were NOT benefiting at all or only by 1 or 2 points for beating 3 out of 4 people so we decided to install a 3 & 0 bonus of 5 points on top of what you would normally have won.

Here are the new score sheets for Groups 2 & 3



    • Jacob on November 1, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Hey, no harm, no foul, sometimes if a player hasn’t hit for a while it takes them a bit to warm up or they can be nervous too. But like you said it ended up being a great thing because it showed us how we can improve our system to make things more accurate!

    • Joseph on November 1, 2011 at 5:44 am

    Yeah, that was my bad for the record. Why didn’t I just ask that guy what his rating was haha. Well at least now we have this scoring system in place so on a positive note set on good did come out of completley low balling this guys rating 😉

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