**VIDEO** Pt. 1&2 – 4th Annual Seattle Table Tennis Championships Open Single Final GLTTC Oct 30 2011 Billy Ding vs Xia Jiwei (new SPTTC Coach from China)

Hey everyone!

WOW, what a great tournament it was up at GLTTC! I was there and Kim did a fantastic job. I was amazed at the turnout for a non-sanctioned tournament AMAZING! AND… here is the Open Single Final that I recorded from the side lines. Sorry for any camera issues. I found out after that I didn’t have it on the HD setting but it seemed to have good quality anyhow.

Here’s some great info about the winner that Kim Goldov sent me…

Xia Jiwei, age 21, is an aggressive right handed, shake-hand looper. Jiwei
began his professional career at age 14 when he was selected to play for
Team Beijing. At age 17. he was invited to play in the Japanese
professional League and University League. His current USATT estimated
rating is 2625, placing him among the top elite US players. In last 8
years, Xia Jiwei has achieved many impressive accomplishments including,

· Men’s Single champion at Chinese junior “Olympic Star Cup”

· Many times Men’s Single Champion of Tian Jin City (third largest city in

· Semi-finalist of Osaka International Invitational

· Men’s Single champion at Japanese University Games

Xia is currently on the coaching staff at the Seattle Pacific Table Tennis
Club in Bellevue, WA.