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The Puget Sound Table Tennis Club has been in motion for more than 30 years! We run an OPEN format league and OPEN format play for ANYONE that wants to come play. We enjoy having new players as well as all the familiar faces.

Although it has not always been called by the same name or been at the same location we still pride ourselves on being one of the longest running Table Tennis Clubs in the Northwest.

Originally P.S.T.T.C was known as the Boeing Employees Table Tennis Club and was located at a middle school in Des Moines Washington but was open to all players that wanted to compete.

In 2004 the school gave us the news that they were going to need their gym for other activities and so we had to make the decision to put all of our tables in storage. Later in 2005 we moved into an athletic facility located inside the Auburn Super Mall called Vision Quest. After a long “go” at it the facilities programs and smaller spaces made it obvious that we needed a more “traditional” Table Tennis facility such as a recreation center.

In 2008 the “Vision Quest Table Tennis Club” came the the Federal Way Community Center in Federal Way Washington in which it still resides today. We have a VERY LARGE playing area in a triple basketball gym with an overhead running track that circles the facility. All entry fees include the use of the entire facility (not just table tennis). Federal Way Community Center has many amenities such as large pool, water slide, hot tub, diving pool, weight lifting room, yoga and much more!

In 2011 our long beloved leader of 18 years, Joe Romanosky made the decision to move to California and passed the long legacy of table tennis club leader to Jacob Andrew and Joseph Calugas. Moving forward we still hold the tradition that it’s all about the players, all about fun and all about one big table tennis family! Our goals are to keep growing and improving, adding new equipment and most importantly creating a feeling of fun and excitement around our favorite sport…

Table Tennis

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to come play or just stop by during our set playing times! For directions Click HERE