Week 5 PSTTC League Results 2020A

Hello everyone,

Here are the results from last week’s league at PSTTC. Congratulations to Jide, Alniel, Greg, Mark, and Edward; they all went 4 and 0!

In other news: we have decided to scrap the pizza party in favor of regular league play on Tuesday. While we had huge turnout last week, there was little interest in a pizza party – only 5 members showed interest on the sign-up sheet.

Next week Tuesday (Feb 11th) will be trophy presentation for Season 2019B. Please arrive early so we can finish that on time and then we can start league. We will be taking photos of winners and photos of the whole group; so wear your best table tennis outfit :). Photos will be available on the website couple of days later.

Lastly, there is a tournament coming up this weekend at SPTTC in Bellevue. If you’re interested, you will find more information here: https://omnipong.com/EntryForms/1008-63.pdf

Thank you!