Week 15 PSTTC League Results

Hello everyone!

Here are the last week’s league results from PSTTC league…

Great to see Greg Dimarco (4 & 0), and also a new player from China “XK” went 4 & 0. Nice job!

I ordered a gross of balls for players to purchase but they won’t be here for about 3 more weeks because they are coming from China. Also, please make sure that if you show up to league, make sure you give your best effort to finish all your matches. If you have an injury or emergency we understand but please keep in mind that when you leave without playing all your matches, other players don’t get the chance they deserve to play and climb the latter.

I also fixed 4 out of the 5 nets that were broken. Unfortunately once I got to the last net there were only broken parts left and missing pieces. Not to worry though, we only need these nets to last for about another year or so until we can upgrade to more butterfly nets.

Thanks a bunch!