Week 25 PSTTC League Results Season A 2013

Hello Everyone!

Here are the results from Week 25. Remember that tonight is the last night of season A for the Puget Sound Table Tennis Club 2013. After tonight is completed, the trophy winners will be calculated and we’ll be setting a time to have our annual Pizza Party! Trophies for this season will be awarded at the Party.

Just a quick note, I saw that a few people didn’t finisher all their matches. Please make an effort to finish all of your matches unless you have something come up. We all get tired but if you don’t play then someone else isn’t getting their full experience. Also, on that note, if one of your matches is a NO PLAY you can oped to play another player that would normally be a bypass. Just write in the numbers of the players at the bottom of the score sheet and circle the winner as always.

Nice job Joseph Calugas, Chong Kim, Kim Kyong and Erik Reddick! All went 4 and 0

Erik Reddick Gained 55 points
Cheng Chun Gained 64 points
Chong Kim Gained 140 points
Kiim Kyung Gained 31 points
And Joseph Calugas just topped over 2000 to hit 2014 rating!

Nice work everyone!