Hey everyone! Wanted to get this one out early so that everyone that wanted to attend the pizza party would have a little time to plan. As you might know, tonight is our annual pizza party at Vince’s Italian Restaurant in Federal Way.


As we have done for many years, we will be having open play for all the players to get a chance to try playing other folks that they have never been able to play.

We have the back room area reserved starting at 7:30. I don’t know that everyone will need to show up that early but I will call ahead and make sure that my credit card is on file so you can start ordering pizzas if you want to get there that early. I’ll be headed over around 8:15 or 8:30 and awards will be given out at the party around 9pm!

Looking forward to having a GREAT night full of fun and pizza! Anybody that attended last year’s 2 seasons at least 3 times is invited. Spouses are welcome as well as kids.

See you then!


Great job last week to Daniil Pigita who went 4 and 0!