PSTTC END OF Season 2012 – announcements

Hello everyone, hope your week went well. Well, tonight marks the end of the season for the first half of 2012. Hard to think that we’re already half way through the year. It was a fun season and we had some great competition during the last 25 weeks. Tonight will be the 26th league night and then we’ll be into our next season (and yes, we all hope that the world doesn’t explode before we get to finish next season).

Anyways, as usual, we’ll be having our annual pizza party. I haven’t set a date or location yet so I’ll keep you posted as to the details. Everyone that attended is welcome to come and have a fun night of pizza and ping pong. If you’ve never been to our pizza party, we’ve been doing this for many years now and it’s a great time to get to know all the players that you may not already know.

Also, it looks like the 2nd gym is now available again for us to use. I talked to the director of the children’s class that was using that section of the gym and he said they are done for the season and he didn’t know if the center was going to have classes again. That’s great news for us seeing as we can set up like we use to which will give us plenty of room to get back from the table. Thanks for all of your patience with the smaller playing spaces for the time being.

I look forward to seeing you all tonight and here are the results from last week…

Nice Work Greg Benson, 4 & 0!