Week 15 ratings and announcements

Hello again,

Bunches of info to get out this week! I wanted to make everyone aware of a slight change to our play time but should not effect anything that much. I talked with Doug (Federal Way Community Center Sup. Int.) the other day just to reconnect and make sure everything has been running ok for the Center and to voice some things that the players have told me they wanted to have improved.

1st –

I talked to him about reduced lighting in the gym during some seasons. He was very helpful and said that he is going to look into getting the lights up a bit for us. It seems that during some seasons they do dim the lights but mostly in the Summer because there is more natural light coming in the windows.

2nd –

I talked with him about the entry fee that we have been paying. Trying to be creative, I asked him if there was a way for the club as a whole to pay a flat rate to the center out of our general funds in order to make a reduction in the entry fee for only Table Tennis players. For example, members of our club that have already paid their $25 annual fee would get in at a reduced rate and whatever the reduction is would be drawn out of our general funds. Well, it could work but our general funds are not so large right now that we could do that. On the other side, the FW center feels that they are giving a large offering to charge only $8 for the ENTIRE facility. And, although most of us only only play TT when we are there we do have access to everything such as showers and changing areas.

(The center is offering a $0 joining fee and $38/mo for a single person) Not a bad deal if you plan to go Tue and Sat!

3rd –

Those of you who did come last week know that there is a children’s PE class that is going on next to us in Gym #3 now. The class only goes until 7:30 and then we are able to move over into that area. Last week we experimented with putting 6 tables in gym#2 facing the other direction with a barrier in the center. Seemed to work great and we didn’t even really need the extra gym. BUT we are welcome to it as soon as 7:30 hits.


So on with the show… Here are the results from week 15!

Amazing! Joseph Calugas is on a roll hitting 4 & 0 AGAIN! Craig Winters also won 4 and 0!

Great Job guys!

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